“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” — JFK

The resistance potential is an assessment of a society’s predisposition to revolt against their own government or an occupying power. The higher the resistance potential is, the greater the likelihood that an organized armed resistance will develop. Do you think that there is a resistance potential in America today?

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I’m back. I’ve been off participating in a Special Forces training exercise and look at all the mischief our “loving” government has been up to in my absence since passing the NDAA. This is an introduction which is leading into several segments about the Resistance.

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My first YouTube video that launched my channel. I’m getting out at the end of October.

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Why is it so hard to get people to give two shits about their rights and freedoms? Well, let me clarify that: why is it so hard in AMERICA to get people to give two shits and a dirty sock about their rights and freedoms? Abroad — I was just in Kuwait for seven weeks recently — and overseas, people are HUNGRY to hear talk about FREEDOM. Especially from an American.So I have no problem promoting the cause with the little brown guys (LBGs). It’s the fucking Americans I clash with.

Football Fool

Look At This Idiot!

I guess I don’t know how to relate to my fellow Americans anymore. I’m a stranger in a strange land. This isn’t home anymore. It’s HELL. Its drooling fat idiots that will move heaven and earth to paint their asses in rainbow sherbert colors to worship their football team but won’t even spare a quarter to support a cause or a candidate that promises to win their FREEDOM BACK.

These idiots don’t even know that they’ve lost their freedoms yet. They think going insane over football games in public without being arrested means that the country is still free. “Whadda ya mean, I ain’t free? I can whoop and holler and paint my face red green and blue all day long at the football game and drool and spray beer out my ass! I couldn’t do that in a cummunist cuntry!”

Oh, goddess, it is EXACTLY that bad. I am not exaggerating the asininity of the American idiot in any way. I carpet bomb the American pastime of Football almost obsessively. To say I HATE that sport is an understatement. I LOATHE Football. I wish it were the only thing that could be banned in civilized society. I know, that’s the State in my own soul talking. It’s shameful to display the wish to RESTRICT something. But Football has done more harm to the freedom of the individual than almost any other nefarious New World Order program I can think of.

You morons have traded LIBERTY for a stupid game played among overgrown infantile boys. A fucking spectacle where two steroid bloated mobs crash into each other and fight for control of a pigskin testicle. And the obsession to worship this “sport” is more important to you xombies than your own sovereignty.

Bet you didn’t know that at one time, the American people were considered sovereigns in their own right — a land of individual kings and queens that the government only interfered with when one king violated the rights of another queen.The very concept of that doesn’t even compute anymore in the sodden mush that constitutes the typical brain mass of the average football worshiping fool.I’m going to start violating the sacred American golden calf of football worship on YouTube in vivid and spectacularly violent ways. I’m a combat engineer and sniper in the military so be prepared to see your fucking Razorbacks hog burned, blown up, shot from 800 meters away with a Barrett .50 cal and pissed on by yours truly in my all out war to get your fucking attention away from bread and circuses and onto something that might decide the fate of HUMANITY for the next thousand years. That’s what it takes to get attention around here. I’ll have to shit in a Dallas Cowboys football helmut and light it on fire on Facebook to get the xombies paying attention to what I’m trying to say.

Liberty MATTERS you idiots. I’m not going to let you piss it off for your gladitorial insanity. And if you absolutely refuse to wake up, then you will find no refuge in silence, in going along with the system. In the system’s eyes, WE ARE ALL THE ENEMY NOW. If you think not getting involved or not picking a side and just continuing with your mindless celebrity worship and sports obsessions will buy you safety from jack boots, you are sadly delusional. The facts are: you’ve all pissed off your birthrights as Americans for a pigskin testicle. Congratulations, fool. You’re about to reap the whirlwind.


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I cannot scream this loudly enough: The US Government has declared WAR on the American People. The Proof? The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)of 2012, signed into LAW by the Communist In Chief Barry Sotaro Obama on New Year’s Eve — surely, the ultimate FUCK YOU to the American People from an elected leader that there ever was. This alone should be grounds for impeachment. Obama! assures us he won’t use the authorization to detain American Citizens indefinitely, without due process or a trial. Christ, that just calms my nerves knowing that this documented LIAR and PROMISE BREAKER assures us that he won’t use this to crush dissent and civil disobedience towards the wholesale treason engaged in by the criminals in Washington.

So is it really as bad as it is billed as? Well, let’s see what the alarmed leftists are saying about it:

Yeah. Now this is what Alex Jones has to say and pay particular attention to the comments in this video from criminal trash like Senator Lindsey Graham and John McCain (co-author of this piece of shit legislation):

I’ve downloaded the actual legislation from the government website; this is the version that Obama! signed on December 31st, 2011 and have made it available for you to scrutinize on your own time.

This legislation declares the contiguous United States territory as a perpetual war zone. It authorizes the military to round up enemy combatants and hold them in military gulags indefinitely, without due process or trial. Just who might constitute a threat in this scenario? A terrorist? What is Homeland Security obsessed with as “terrorists” these days? It isn’t Al CIAda. It’s traditional Americans. Exhibit A:


 This is page 4 from the Notorious MIAC report, issued by the Missouri Fusion Center. It’s a report on the domestic “threat” situation. It is a shameless “guilt by association” hit piece equating gun owners, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists — GOOD traditional AMERICANS — with violent “militias” bent on overthrowing the “government.”

 Further analysis into the absolute threat to the American people represented by the NDAA is found HERE.

 Concurrent with the danger represented by the NDAA is the issue of the FEMA camps. Yes, these nefarious concentration camps exist. When the House passed the NDAA on December 15th, 2011 (Bill Of Rights Day — another FUCK YOU to the American People), KBR immediately went into heavy recruitment mode to man these FEMA camps with contractor personnel. KBR built the FEMA camps and now they’re contracted to our treasonous government to run the abominations. These contractors are on 72 hour standby waiting for the word to go live. For your files, I have the KBR memorandum that went out internally to start recruiting and manning the FEMA camps and the government Scope Of Work document that originally alerted contractors to start bidding on the project for manning the FEMA camps. This document has since been removed from the government websites. It was taken down one hour after Alex Jones alerted listeners to its existence. I happened to be listening to the show that day and downloaded it as his guest, Joe Johnson — a DoD employee — revealed its url.

There is no denying anymore that the government has moved all their chess pieces into position to now crush any resistance towards dismantling the republic and replacing it with the New World Order global Super State.

We have one chance left to avert this peacefully: RON PAUL 2012. If these criminals steal this election like they did the caucus in Iowa two days ago — we have no choice but to resist by any means necessary to thwart this criminal aggression. Our future is at stake. Turn off the fucking football game and PAY ATTENTION!!




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